Yesterday, I stumbled upon the last day of the Japanese Film Festival held at Gaisano South Cinema 4 on July 20, 21, and 22, 2012. Ten Japanese films were featured including Colorful, Abacus and Sword, Villain, Tomorrow's Joe, and Ninja Kids. Admission was free so everybody was welcome to come and see them.

Colorful is an anime and talks about the story of a boy who committed suicide. It teaches the importance of 'living' and appreciation of the things in life that we often just ignore. The film also showcases Japan's old railroad systems.

Tomorrow's Joe is an action film that features an extraordinary boxer named Joe. His unorthodox style made him famous, and even challenged the world-ranked boxer Riikishi. Joe, the protagonist, kinda looks like Daniel Padilla, so that must be the reason why girls scream at the top of their lungs every time those close-ups appear.

Abacus and Sword, my favorite among the three, depicts the story of the abacus Samurais - the bookkeepers of the Kaga clan of the 19th century Japan. It talks about the importance of managing finances, honesty, and avoiding debt.

If only I discovered the said event much earlier, I would have seen the other films.

Here is a guide that might help the students currently taking up IS 311 Systems Analysis and Design in creating their documentation for Chapter 1.


  • Discuss the importance of information technology in various fields most especially in your respective study area - (e.g. Health). 
  • Describe the international scene or global setting of IT applications in the (e.g. health) industry. Cite and include sources if necessary.
  • Describe the national scene of IT applications in your respective industry. Cite and include sources if necessary.
  • Describe the local scene of IT applications in the respective industry. Cite and include sources if necessary.
  • Describe the scenario in your chosen company and how IT could help in solving their problems.
  • State the problems that you have observed in the company, one subheading per problem, and describe each thoroughly. Avoid using "Manual System" as a problem. Instead, be specific as to the exact nature of the problem and how it could affect the company negatively.
  • State the general and specific goals and objectives of your study in bullet form.
  • Set the boundaries of your study --- what your study will focus on, and what your proposed system will do, with the assumption that things not mentioned are excluded in the study.
  • Define technical terms used in your study using either their standard or operational definitions.
  • Enumerate each system requirement that the user wants for the study in bullet form.