Disney's newest offering, Maleficent, is quite popular mainly because it's Angelina Jolie who is playing the role. Though the movie is all about an evil witch, which by the way, is a deviation to the usual plot focusing on princesses, the movie is again anticipated because this is one of few times we see Angie showing off her devilish acting prowess. 

Angie is a bad-ass as a heroine, but I am sure she is all the more tough when she plays the role of a villainess. Watch the Maleficent movie trailer featuring a scene where she gets to show off her malevolent wings. Video after the jump.

How To Read A Book?

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In this time and age of social media and video-sharing sites, it is sad to note that the number of students who appreciate the value of reading is somewhat decreasing. People are getting more visual now and with that comes the need for videos and pictures to be present in order to deliver information. Pure text-based sources of information are then often ignored or neglected.

Well, reading can sometimes be daunting especially if you have a list of friends to chat with, or a long list of movies or TV series to watch in your to-do list. Good thing there is a technique for you to bring back the joy of reading a good old book.